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All rights reserved Sta. Et les contrats que nous proposons sont essentiellement en CDI. The Sendy chairs, with their refined and dynamic design, have been chosen to furnish the interiors of the Spear Steak and Seafood House downtown. Craftsmanship and sartorial details characterize the production of this Friuli-based company which, for payday loan online this particular project, has online loans on comfortable upholstery, an appealing beech structure and online loans, owing to the fact that the chairs are also stackable.

BBB acquired by Venezia Homedesign Venezia Homedesign has online loans the BBB brand, a historic name of Italian design. At the Milan Furniture Fair, all eyes. Linear by Ditre Italia. Spaghetti at MoMa The first seat signed by Alias that enters in the permanent collection of MoMa in New York, Spaghetti Chair is. The stylistic geometries of i 4 Mariani Taking shape from the design challenge of Umberto Asnago, Barley is a classic bergere that gives a touch of elegance.

Cappellini celebrates 20 years of Juli Two decades in the world of design and interiors. The Juli armchair is 20 years old and Cappellini, the brand. Frag, a hospitality-friendly world Bella, the Frag armchair conceived by G. Fauciglietti, has recently been selected by two illustrious German and Swiss.

IVA 05011370961 cookie policy. Every car enthusiast has a motoring idol. That person can be from the world of motorsport like Michael Schumacher, Richard Petty or Carlos Sainz, or this person can be from the world of manufacturers like Enzo Ferrari, Dr.

Ferdinand Porsche or Ettore Bugatti. My online loans has been someone who is perhaps not the most known, and thus makes him even more special in my mind. His name his Claudio Zampolli and he is responsible for building the beauty you see here. Online loans car is called a Cizeta V16T and this car has captivated me since it first started appearing in car magazines back in 1988.

Back then, when I was just 11 years old, all I cared for was how fast a car goes and how it looked. The Cizeta had everything else from the time beaten. It had the biggest engine, a 6. This normally aspirated engine produced 560 hp and 398 lb. So be in no doubt, this is a proper supercar, and not for those who are out to just pose. Put the power down in this car at the wrong time and you will meet your maker very soon indeed. How soon, well consider this, it takes just 4.

That means it is just as fast as new supercars like the Ferrari 599 GTO and the Mercedes-Benz SLS. Back in 1988 this was easily the fastest production car in the world, but since those figures were never officially verified, it never got the recognition it deserved.

It also got ignored because just two years later, Lamborghini came out with the Diablo, which was designed by Marcello Gandini, the same man who penned the V16T. The intitial production run produced seven cars, plus one prototype, which is currently owned by Giorgio Moroder, the famed music composer who was a financier for this project.

In recent years, a few more had been made, including a Spyder (convertible) version in 2003. When I last visited the Cizeta garage in Fountain Valley, CA. Zampolli still works on restoring classics, I was surprised to find a new half-built Cizeta.

This is chassis number 13, and is currently being built for a customer in Japan. Being fortunate enough to get a chance to speak with Mr. Zampolli, I found out the Cizeta business is still up and running, just not on a huge scale. You can order a brand new V16T from him and have it equipped any way you want. Thanks to exemptions awarded to low-volume manufacturers, the car can still be registered for road use in most of the U. Whether you can import one into Canada is another matter, I need to do some research on that.

However, the car you see on this page might be importable into Canada. I surely hope someone in Canada will give it a nice home. This is a very special car and was well ahead of its time, it just came out at the wrong time. So while in recent years, exotic car newcomers like Pagani, Koenigsegg and Spyker have tasted decent success, you should look back and give respect to the car that started this modern revolution and showed how an unknown company can build something to scare the established supercar makers.

Give credit to Claudio Zampolli, my automotive idol, and give respect to the Cizeta V16T, the best supercar you never heard of, until now possibly. The design was done Cizeta based on the Lamborghini Countach for the purpose of being his successor. Related This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

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